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When in need of inflatable repairs to moonwalks and dunk tank canvases, call on Just Like New Service Center. We offer fast service and affordable prices.

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For the best selection of party equipment in the Southeast, look no further than Just Like New Service Center. Our selection includes dunk tank canvas and other types of party equipment.

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Customers from all around the Southeast rate Just Like New Service Center as the top source for party inflatables and accessories. Check out our testimonials for great reviews.

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Who We Are

In business since 2002, Just Like New Service Center, based in Trinity, Alabama, has more than 10 years of experience with inflatable repair and accessories. We are widely known as the home of the best and least expensive dunk tank canvas in the United States, and guarantee the highest quality party inflatables. Upon request, we can disinfect and clean your units for a small fee, which is determined based on the condition of your units.

Contact us in Trinity, Alabama, for affordable party inflatables and repairs.  

  Locally Owned & Operated  *  Licensed & Insured  *  Full Warranty on All Repair Work  *  Morgan County Chamber of Commerce